Video Formats Compatible with Final Cut Pro

Long before editing begins, the most basic decision you need to make is which format to shoot with. The format you choose affects the equipment needed for editorial work, as well as how the finished product will look.

Final Cut Pro uses QuickTime technology, allowing you to use almost any digital video format available. This flexibility ensures that your Final Cut Pro editing system always works with the latest video formats.

Using Multiple Video Formats in a Sequence

A mixed-format sequence is a sequence containing clips whose media files don’t match the sequence format. For example, a DV sequence containing HDV footage is a mixed-format sequence. Final Cut Pro can play sequence clips in real time even when the clips’ settings don’t match those of the sequence. Any number of formats can be combined together in a single sequence. For more information, see Working with Mixed-Format Sequences.

Offline and Online Editing

Final Cut Pro allows you to edit low-resolution copies of your media until you are ready to finish at high quality. For example, you can edit your movie on a portable computer using low-resolution footage and then reconnect your project clips to high-resolution media for finishing and output. For more information, see Offline and Online Editing.