Modifying Markers

After you add a marker, you can rename it, add information in the comment field, change the marker color, or change the marker type. You can also add and modify markers during playback.

To open a marker’s Edit Marker dialog
  1. Stop playback if playback is in progress.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Hold down the Command key and double-click the marker.

      This function is available in the Viewer, Canvas, and Timeline ruler only.

    • Move the playhead to the marker (see Navigating with Markers) and do one of the following:

      • Choose Mark > Markers > Edit.

      • In the Browser, Control-click the marker, then choose Edit Marker from the shortcut menu.

      • Press M.

      • Press the Grave Accent (`) key.

The Edit Marker dialog opens.

To rename a marker, add comments to a marker, or change the marker color or type
  1. Open the marker’s Edit Marker dialog.

  2. In the Edit Marker dialog, do any of the following, then click OK.

    • In the Name field, rename the marker.

    • In the Comment field, add any information you want to include with the marker.

    • Click one of the Color buttons to specify a marker color.

    • Click a button to specify the type of marker.

      Figure. Edit Marker dialog showing marker options.

You can add markers and modify them while playing back clips and sequences.

To add a marker and open its Edit Marker dialog during playback
Do one of the following:
  • Press Shift-Option-M.

    Without interrupting playback, a red marker is added and its Edit Marker dialog opens.

  • Press Shift–Option–1 through 8.

    Without interrupting playback, a marker with the color corresponding to the number key is added and its Edit Marker dialog opens. For more information about marker colors and keyboard shortcuts, see Marker Colors.

You can control playback while modifying a marker. (This requires special keyboard shortcuts that do not interfere with the text editing keys.)

To control playback while the Edit Marker dialog is open
Do one of the following:
  • Press Control–Space bar to play or pause playback.

  • Press Command–Control–Space bar to rewind.

    Final Cut Pro repositions the playhead based on the value in the Preview Pre-roll field in the Editing tab of the User Preferences window. (The default pre-roll value is 5 seconds.)