Disabling Tracks to Hide Content During Playback

You can disable entire tracks to hide their contents during playback. The clips on a disabled track are not visible or audible when you play it, nor will they render or be output to tape.

You can still edit items on disabled tracks; they just won’t appear in the Canvas during playback. A track can be enabled or disabled at any time. This does not permanently affect either your sequence or the clips edited into it.

There are several reasons you may want to disable a track:

You can also enable a single track by disabling all of the other tracks in the sequence.

To disable a track
  • Click the Track Visibility control of the track you want to disable.

    Note: If your sequence has clip items that have been rendered, a dialog appears saying that the render files will be deleted. If you don’t need the render files, click Continue. For more information about rendering, see Rendering and Video Processing Settings.

    Figure. Timeline window showing a Track Visibility control selected to disable a track.
To enable a single video or audio track while disabling all others
  • Press Option while clicking the Track Visibility control for that track.

All other video tracks or all other audio tracks except for the one you clicked are disabled.