Opening Sequence Clips in the Viewer to Change Durations

You can open a sequence clip in the Viewer to adjust its duration. Any changes you make to that clip in the Viewer modify the clip in the edited sequence. How these changes occur also depends on the editing tool that’s selected.

To open a sequence clip in the Viewer from the Timeline for further editing
Do one of the following:
  • Double-click the sequence clip in the Timeline.

  • Select the sequence clip, then choose View > Clip (or press Return).

  • Position the playhead at the In point of the clip in the Timeline (using the Up or Down Arrow key) or anywhere within the clip in the Timeline, then press the Return key. The clip on the lowest-numbered Auto Select-enabled track opens in the Viewer, and the Viewer playhead is at the same frame as the one under the Timeline playhead.

The video and audio tabs that appear in the Viewer depend on whether the clip item you open from the Timeline is linked to other clip items, and whether linked selection is turned on.

When a sequence clip opens in the Viewer, the tab that appears in front depends on what you clicked in the Timeline.

Changes made to a sequence clip apply only to that clip, and do not affect the master clip in the Browser. You can verify that a clip opened in the Viewer is a sequence clip instead of a Browser clip by checking that the scrubber bar displays sprocket holes, and that the name of the clip in the Viewer has “from Sequence Name” appended to it (where “Sequence Name” is the name of the sequence where the clip is located).