Working with Multiclip Master-Affiliate Relationships

Multiclips have two levels of master-affiliate clip relationships:

About Angle Master-Affiliate Relationships

When you select several clips and create a multiclip, each selected clip is copied and placed in one of the multiclip’s angles. Because each clip is copied, each is an affiliate clip, which means the angle’s clip shares most of its properties with a master clip stored in your project. You can reveal the master clip of the active multiclip angle by choosing View > Reveal Master Clip, just as you would reveal the master clip of any other clip. If you change the name of a master clip, the names of the affiliate clips within any multiclips also change.

To reveal the master clip for the active multiclip angle
  1. Select the multiclip in the Timeline or Browser, or place the Timeline playhead over the multiclip.

  2. Choose View > Reveal Master Clip (or press Shift-F).

The master clip for the active angle’s clip is selected in the Browser. If this master clip happens to be within a multiclip, the multiclip is selected.

About Multiclip Master-Affiliate Relationships

When you create a multiclip, it is called a master multiclip. When you edit, dragging the master multiclip to the Canvas or Timeline, a copy of the multiclip is made that shares properties with the master multiclip. The copied clip is called an affiliate multiclip.

Master and affiliate multiclips share several properties:

  • Multiclip name property: If you change the name of a master or affiliate multiclip, the names of all instances of that multiclip in sequences also change. The easiest place to change a multiclip name is in the Browser.
  • Order, number, and clip of each angle: Every affiliated multiclip has the same number of angles arranged in the same order, and the clip within each angle is the same.

If you perform an operation on a multiclip that affects its angle structure, such as adding, deleting, or rearranging the order of multiclip angles, the modified multiclip loses its affiliation with the original master multiclip, and a new master multiclip is automatically created.

Note: The new master multiclip does not automatically appear in the Browser, but if you attempt to reveal the master multiclip for a multiclip whose angles you just restructured, Final Cut Pro asks if you want to create a master multiclip in the Browser.

Final Cut Pro allows you to insert a new angle into all affiliate multiclips with a single action using the Insert New Angle Affiliates overlay. For more information, see Inserting a New Angle into Many Multiclips at Once.

You cannot make multiclips in a sequence independent. Multiclips in a sequence are always affiliated with a master multiclip.

To reveal an affiliate multiclip’s master multiclip in the Browser
  1. Select a multiclip in a sequence or in the Browser.

  2. Choose View > Reveal Master Multiclip.

    The master multiclip appears in the Browser, selected. If the multiclip has no master multiclip, Final Cut Pro asks if you want to create one.

  3. Click OK to create a new master multiclip in the Browser.

The new master multiclip is selected in the Browser.