Editing with Multiclips in Real Time

Unlike traditional film and video editing, where each edit can be deliberated for as long as necessary, live events like broadcast news and sports are edited in real time. For live events, multiple cameras are connected to a single video switcher, which allows the director (or technical director) to cut between camera angles, making instantaneous editing decisions. The director usually watches all of the camera angles on a grid of monitors, which helps when deciding which angle to switch to.

A multiclip behaves a lot like a video switcher during a live video event. A multiclip contains multiple camera angles or other video sources, synchronized together. During playback in the Timeline, you can switch or cut between these angles in real time, just as you would with a video switcher during a live event. You can watch all the angles simultaneously in the Viewer, so you can choose which angle you want to switch to next. You can also switch or cut between angles when your sequence isn’t playing back. For more information, see Switching and Cutting Between Angles.