Generating Timecode Window Burns

If you need to create a videotape or QuickTime movie that displays timecode directly in the image (known as a timecode window burn, or window burn for short), you can use the Timecode Reader or Timecode Generator filters. Both are located in the Video bin inside the Video Filters bin in the Effects tab of the Browser.

Note: In versions of Final Cut Pro earlier than 4.5, timecode reading and generation were contained in a single filter called the Timecode Print filter. Older projects that use the Timecode Print filter will still function properly.

To generate a visible timecode “window burn,” you can apply the Timecode Reader filter to individual clips or an entire sequence. For information on applying filters to individual clips, see Using Video Filters.

To apply the Timecode Reader filter to an entire sequence
  1. Nest your original sequence within a second sequence with matching sequence settings.

    For information about nesting sequences, see Nesting Sequences.

  2. In the second sequence, apply the Timecode Reader filter to the nested, original sequence.