Audio Output Export Settings

When you use the Export Audio to AIFF(s) command or the Export QuickTime Movie command, two settings affect the number and grouping of exported audio channels:

Audio Outputs Tab of the Sequence Settings Window

The number of output busses specified in the Audio Outputs tab determines how many QuickTime audio tracks or AIFF files are exported. However, the Config pop-up menu can modify whether all output busses are exported individually or as a stereo mix.

Each mono output bus in your sequence is exported as an individual mono QuickTime track or mono AIFF file. Each stereo output bus is exported as a single stereo QuickTime track or stereo AIFF file.

Config Pop-Up Menu

Both the Export Audio to AIFF(s) command and the Export QuickTime Movie command use a Config pop-up menu to determine whether sequence audio output busses should be exported individually or as a stereo downmix. However, each command has a different Config pop-up menu in different locations:

  • File > Export > QuickTime Movie: The Config pop-up menu is in the Audio Settings area of the General tab of the Sequence Settings window. There are three options:
    • Stereo Downmix: This option exports a stereo mix to a single stereo QuickTime audio track and overrides the Downmix button in the Audio Mixer. For more information, see Downmixing Multiple Audio Channels to a Stereo Mix.
    • Channel Grouped: Based on your sequence’s audio output groupings, multiple stereo and mono output busses are exported to corresponding stereo and mono QuickTime tracks. For more information, see Assigning Tracks in the Timeline to Audio Outputs.
    • Discrete Channels: This option exports channels in the same way as the Channel Grouped option, but each channel in the QuickTime movie audio track is labeled as a discrete channel, numbered according to the audio output bus that the channel is assigned in your sequence. Use this option when you want to preserve your sequence’s original audio output assignments in your exported QuickTime file. Note that if you reimport a discrete-channel QuickTime file into Final Cut Pro, the resulting clip appears to have all mono channels.
  • File > Export > Audio to AIFF(s): The Config pop-up menu appears in the Save dialog after you choose this command. There are two options:

For more information about exporting QuickTime movies, see Exporting QuickTime Movies. For more information about exporting AIFF files, see Exporting Audio Output Groups to AIFF Files.