Modifying and Removing Filters

To modify filters in a sequence, open the clip to which the filter is applied in the Viewer.

Note: Filters can be added to clips even if the clips aren’t in a sequence. If you want to modify or remove a filter for a clip in a sequence, make sure the sequence clip is open in the Viewer, not the master clip from the Browser.

To view a clip’s filters in the Viewer
Do one of the following:
  • If your sequence clip is already open in the Viewer, click the Filters tab.

  • Double-click the filters bar in the keyframe graph area of a clip in the Timeline. The clip opens in the Viewer with the Filters tab in front.

    If a sequence clip was open in the Viewer with its Filters tab in front, a new sequence clip opened in the Viewer will also appear with its Filters tab in front.

Using the Filters tab, you can make adjustments to the parameters of individual filters. Because filters vary widely, see Applying Filters to an Audio Clip for general guidelines on how to use specific filters.

In addition to adjusting individual settings for each filter, you can also enable and disable the filters without removing them from your clip, rearrange their order to modify their effects, and remove them from your clips.

To enable or disable a filter
  • Select or deselect the checkbox by the filter name in the Filters tab. If you deselect the checkbox, the filter is disabled but not removed from the clip. This is a useful way to preview different combinations of filters without constantly applying and removing the same filters.

Because filters are applied serially, if you apply multiple filters to a clip, the order in which they appear is very important. (See Applying Filters to an Audio Clip.)

To change the order of filters
  • Drag a filter in the Filters tab to change its place in the list of filters applied to a clip.

    Note: To make it easier to drag the filter, click the disclosure triangle to the left of the filter’s name to hide the filter’s parameters.

To remove a filter from a clip
Do one of the following:
  • With a clip open in the Viewer, select a filter in the Effects tab, then choose Edit > Clear (or press the Delete key).

  • Click the filter category bar in the Filters tab to select all of the filters applied to a clip, then choose Edit > Clear (or press the Delete key).