Working in the Browser

Before you can work in the Browser, it must be the currently selected, or active, window. Otherwise, any commands or keyboard shortcuts you use may perform the wrong operations.

To make the Browser window active
Do one of the following:
  • Click anywhere in the Browser.

  • Press Command-4.

Creating Sequences

Before you can begin editing clips into a sequence, you must create a sequence.

To create a new sequence
  1. Click in the Browser to make it the active window.

  2. Choose File > New > Sequence (or press Command-N).

If no project is currently open, Final Cut Pro creates a new untitled project and creates a new sequence within it.

Selecting Items in the Browser

You can select and modify individual clips, or many clips at once.

To select a single clip
  • Click an item.

Figure. Browser window showing a selected clip.
To select a group of adjacent clips
Do one of the following:
  • Select an item, press and hold down the Shift key, then click the last item.

    Figure. Browser window  showing a list of items selected by Shift-clicking.
  • Drag over multiple clips.

    Figure. Browser window showing a list of items selected by dragging.
To select multiple, nonadjacent clips
  • Press and hold down the Command key while clicking multiple items.

Figure. Browser window showing nonadjacent items selected by Command-clicking.

Navigating Within the Browser Using the Keyboard

You can navigate to items in the Browser in various ways, depending on whether you are viewing items in list view or icon view. (See Customizing the Browser Display.)

To navigate within the Browser
Do one of the following:
  • Press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to move up and down in a list of items in list view or move vertically between items in icon view.

  • Press the Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys to move horizontally between items in icon view.

  • Press the Tab key to move between items alphabetically.

  • Type the first few letters of an item’s name.

Copying and Deleting Items in the Browser

Copying or duplicating a clip creates an affiliate clip, which is a clip that shares properties with the original clip, ormaster clip. For more information about master-affiliate clip relationships, see Working with Master and Affiliate Clips.

To copy an item
Do one of the following:
  • Select an item, choose Edit > Copy, then choose Edit > Paste.

  • Select the item, then hold down the Option key while you drag the item to a new bin or to the Name column heading.

    Figure. Browser window showing an item being moved out of the window by Option-dragging.
  • Press Option-D to duplicate the selected item.

To duplicate a master clip, creating a new master clip instead of an affiliate clip
  1. Select a clip in the Browser.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Modify > Duplicate as New Master Clip.

    • Control-click the clip, then choose Duplicate as New Master Clip from the shortcut menu.

To delete a clip, sequence, or bin from a project
  • Select the item, then press Delete.

Note: Deleting a clip from a project does not delete that clip’s media file from your hard disk, nor does it delete any other affiliated clips, including sequence clips. When deleting a master clip, however, Final Cut Pro warns you that affiliated clips will lose the master clip they refer to. Deleting a master clip turns all affiliated clips into master clips (in the Browser) or independent clips (in sequences).

Renaming Clips, Sequences, and Bins

You can rename items within Final Cut Pro. Renaming clips does not change the names of media files on your disk.

To rename clips, sequences, and bins within Final Cut Pro
  1. Select the clip, sequence, or bin.

  2. Click the item’s name, type a new name, then press Return or Enter.

Figure. Browser window showing an item being renamed.

Renaming a clip automatically renames all affiliated clips in the current project, because there is only a single Name property shared between a master clip and all of its affiliate clips. This affects all clips in the Browser and in all sequences within your project. For more information on master and affiliate clips, see Working with Master and Affiliate Clips.

Note: Master-affiliate clip relationships exist only within a project, not across multiple projects.