Applying Multiple Filters to Clips

You can apply one or more filters to a clip at a time. You can also add one or more filters to multiple clips at the same time. You can add as many filters as you like to a clip. If you apply more than one filter to a clip, the filters are applied sequentially (the first filter is applied, and then the next filter is applied, and so on).

The order in which a clip’s video filters appear in the Filters tab of the Viewer determines how that clip looks. For example, if you apply a Blur filter and then a Pond Ripple filter to a clip, the clip is blurred first, and then the blurred image is rippled. If you switch the order, the image is rippled first and then blurred.

Once multiple filters are applied to a clip, you can change the order in which they take effect by dragging them up and down the list in the Filters tab. For more information, see Enabling and Rearranging Filters.

To apply multiple filters to a clip in a sequence
Do one of the following:
  • Apply filters to a clip one at a time (described earlier).

  • Select a filter in the Effects tab of the Browser, copy it, then paste it into the clip’s Filters tab in the Viewer.

  • Copy filters from one clip’s Filters tab, then paste them into another clip’s Filters tab (regardless of whether the clip is a sequence clip from the Timeline or a master clip from the Browser).

  • Shift-click or Command-click to select multiple filters in the Effects tab of the Browser, then drag them to one or more selected clips in the Timeline.

    Figure. Multiple filters being selected in the Effects tab of the Browser and dragged to a clip in the Timeline.
  • Drag one or more filters from a clip’s Filters tab in the Viewer to a clip (or multiple selected clips) in the Timeline.