Copying and Pasting a Clip’s Filters

When you copy a clip from the Timeline, you also copy all of that clip’s settings, including filters applied to that clip. Instead of pasting duplicates of the clip you’ve copied, you can paste only that clip’s filters into other clips by using the Paste Attributes command in the Edit menu.

Warning: Pasting attributes into clips that have different frame rates from the copied clip produces erratic results.

To use the Paste Attributes command to paste filters into a clip
  1. Select a clip in the Timeline that has a filter (or filters) whose settings you want to copy.

  2. Choose Edit > Copy.

  3. Select one or more clips in the Timeline to apply the filter or filters to.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Edit > Paste Attributes (or press Option-V).

    • Control-click the clip or clips you’ve selected in the Timeline, then choose Paste Attributes from the shortcut menu.

  5. In the Paste Attributes dialog, select the Filters checkbox under Video Attributes.

    Figure. Paste Attributes dialog showing the Filters checkbox selected.
  6. Select any other options, then click OK.

The parameter values and keyframes of the filters in the clip you copied from are pasted into the selected clip or clips.