Plug-in Formats Supported by Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro supports two plug-in interfaces: FxPlug and FXScript (the original Final Cut Pro plug-in format). FxPlug filters must be Universal versions to work on Intel-based Mac computers.

About FXScript

FXScript effects are text files written in FXScript, a scripting language for creating Final Cut Pro filters and transitions. You can create effects from scratch or, if you are new to the FXScript language, you can copy and modify existing Final Cut Pro effects.

Using FXScript, you can create effects in any text editing application, but most people prefer to use the built-in FXScript editor in Final Cut Pro, called FXBuilder.

To open FXBuilder in Final Cut Pro

About FxPlug

FxPlug is an image-processing plug-in architecture developed by Apple. FxPlug makes it possible for any plug-in developer to develop hardware-accelerated effects using technologies such as OpenGL, CoreGraphics, and CoreImage. Processor-based effects are also supported. For more information about developing FxPlug plug-ins, go to