Zooming In to the Canvas

In the Canvas, you can choose a magnification level to help you work with your clips as you manipulate them. By zooming in to the Canvas, you can get a more detailed look at your layers, which can help you make more precise positioning decisions. By zooming out of the Canvas and making the image smaller, you can more easily move clips out of the frame, in preparation for creating keyframed motion from the outside of the frame to the inside.

Note: The zoom level you specify changes the display size of the image only and doesn’t affect the frame size of your edited sequence.

To zoom in to the Canvas
Do one of the following:
  • Choose View > Level, then choose a magnification level from the submenu.

  • With the Canvas active, press Command-Equal Sign (=) to zoom in; press Command-Hyphen (-) to zoom out. The zoom increments are the same as those in the View pop-up menu.

    Figure. View pop-up menu showing magnification level options.

    Tip: To reset the zoom level to the current size of the Canvas, make the Canvas active, then choose View > Level > Fit to Window (or press Shift-Z). This command also works in the Viewer.

  • Choose a magnification level from the View pop-up menu in the Canvas.