Changing the Duration of Still Images

Once an image is edited into your sequence, it has a default duration of 10 seconds. However, you may want the image to play for a longer or shorter duration. There are a few ways to change the duration of a clip.

To change the default duration of still images
  1. Choose Final Cut Pro > User Preferences, then click the Editing tab.

  2. Enter a new value in the Still/Freeze Duration field.

Note: This setting only affects graphics imported after you change this setting. Previously imported graphics still retain the same In and Out points.

To change a clip’s duration
Do one of the following:
  • Select a clip in the Browser, then choose Edit > Item Properties. Click the Timing tab, then enter a value in the Duration field.

  • In the Browser, double-click in the Duration column for a clip, then enter a new duration.

    Figure. Browser window showing the Duration column.
  • Double-click a clip in the Browser to open it in the Viewer, then enter a value in the Timecode Duration field.

    Figure. Timecode Duration field in the Viewer.