Creating Freeze Frames from a Video Clip

Final Cut Pro makes it easy to create a freeze frame from a video clip. No additional media is created on your hard disk; freeze frames are simply clips that refer to a single frame of a media file.

Creating a Freeze Frame

You can create a freeze frame whenever you need to, whether you are viewing a clip in the Viewer or working on a sequence in the Timeline.

To create a freeze frame from a video clip
  1. Make sure the frame you want for a freeze frame is displayed in the Viewer or the Canvas.

  2. Choose Modify > Make Freeze Frame (or press Shift-N).

    A freeze frame clip appears in the Viewer. This clip is automatically named after the sequence or clip that it came from, plus the timecode value from which the frame originated.

    Note: If you open another clip in the Viewer, the freeze frame clip that was previously in the Viewer is gone.

  3. To add the freeze frame to your sequence, do one of the following:

    • Drag the freeze frame from the Viewer to the Canvas or the Timeline.

    • Drag the frame to the Browser to create a master clip for use throughout the course of your project.

Setting the Duration of a Freeze Frame

As with imported stills, the duration of the freeze frame image is determined by the Still/Freeze Duration preference setting. If you want to change this duration, see Changing the Duration of Still Images.

Creating Freeze Frames of Embedded Motion Projects

When you create a freeze frame of an embedded Motion project, the freeze frame clip refers to the Motion project on disk. If you alter the source project, the freeze frame’s image will look different.

Reconnecting Freeze Frame Clips

Freeze frame clips refer to media files the same way other clips do. If the media file is modified, moved, or deleted, the still-image clip becomes offline, and you need to reconnect it. For more information, see Reconnecting Clips and Offline Media.

About Sequence Freeze Frames

Unlike a freeze frame of a clip, a sequence freeze frame will not update if you subsequently change the sequence the freeze frame was created from. However, the clip media referenced by the sequence freeze frame can still be updated and the freeze frame clip can be reconnected. For more information, see Reconnecting Freeze Frame Clips.