Managing Media and Motion Analysis Data

If you use the Media Manager QuickTime export commands with sequences or clips using the SmoothCam filter, motion analysis data may not be retained.

Using the Media Manager

The Media Manager does not manage SmoothCam motion analysis files. Here are some guidelines for using the Media Manager with clips that have the SmoothCam filter applied:

  • If you choose the Copy operation in the Media Manager window, motion analysis files are not copied with the rest of the media.

  • If the Media Manager trims your media files to make them shorter, existing motion analysis files cannot be used, so you will need to analyze these clips again.

  • If you recompress a clip to another format, your motion analysis files will need to be regenerated.

Modifying QuickTime Source Files

Whenever a media file’s modification date changes, a new motion analysis file must be generated. A media file’s modification date can change when:

  • You modify and save the file in QuickTime Player

  • You use the Modify Timecode command to change timecode tracks stored in the media file

  • You change the reel name

  • You recapture the clip (in this case, a new media file is created)

  • You change a clip’s media file name by choosing Modify > Rename > File to Match Clip

Transferring SmoothCam Motion Analysis Data to Motion

You can retain the SmoothCam filter when sending clips from Final Cut Pro to Motion. Motion properly accesses the motion analysis files created by Final Cut Pro so you don’t need to analyze your clips again in Motion.