Creating and Adding a Title Clip

When you’re creating a title clip for a sequence, you can create a basic title or specify more options, including the font, size, alignment, and more advanced options such as automatic kerning. Once you create the title clip, you add it the same way you would edit any clip into your sequence.

Note: Generated text clips always adopt the frame size of the sequences they’re edited into.

To create a title clip
  1. Select a text generator by doing one of the following:

    • Click the Video or Audio tab in the Viewer, then choose a text generator from the Generator pop-up menu.

      Figure. Generator pop-up menu showing a submenu of text generators.
    • In the Effects tab of the Browser, double-click a text generator.

      See Text Generators Available in Final Cut Pro for detailed descriptions of the choices.

  2. In the Viewer, click the Controls tab.

  3. In the Text field, type the text that will appear in your movie.

    Figure. Controls tab showing the Size slider and font size number field.
  4. If you wish, specify additional settings.

    Note: Different text generators have different controls.

    • Text: Enter your title text in this field.
    • Font: Choose a font from the Font pop-up menu.
    • Size: Change the font size by entering a value or dragging the slider to the left or right.
    • Alignment: Choose the alignment of your title on the screen from this pop-up menu. Your choices are Left, Center, and Right.
    • Font Color: Choose the color of your font by doing one of the following:
      • Disclosure triangle: Click to display sliders and number fields corresponding to the hue, saturation, and brightness of the range of colors available.
      • Eyedropper tool: Click the eyedropper, then click an image in the Viewer or the Canvas to pick up that color.
      • Color picker: Click to choose a color using the standard color picker.
      • Hue, saturation, and brightness controls (H, S, and B): Hue determines which color is chosen; saturation determines how vivid the color is. If saturation is 0, the resulting color is always white. Brightness determines how bright or dark the color is. If brightness is 0, the resulting color is black; if brightness is 100, the color is the lightest possible value.
    • Origin: Origin refers to the center of the text. The Origin setting determines where the text appears within the screen. You can position the text by clicking the point control (a round button with crosshair) and then clicking a point in the Canvas or Viewer (the pointer becomes a crosshair pointer). Or, you can enter x and y coordinates in the Origin number fields.

      It’s often easiest to make large adjustments manually with the point control and then fine-tune the position by making numerical changes to the number fields. The most visual way to position the text is to tear off the Viewer tab, click the point control, and then drag the text to position it in the Viewer.

      Note: Once you release the mouse button, you have to click the point control again if you want to make further manual adjustments.

    • Tracking: Use the slider to adjust the space between letters, or enter a value in the number field.
    • Leading: Use the slider to adjust the space between lines of text, or enter a value in the number field.
    • Aspect: Use the slider to adjust the ratio of letter height to letter width for your selected font, or enter a value in the number field.
    • Auto Kerning: Select the Auto Kerning checkbox to kern your text automatically so that the spacing between the individual letters of your text is correct.
    • Use Subpixel: Select the Use Subpixel checkbox to render your text with subpixel accuracy.

Once you’ve created your text generator clip, you can add it to your sequence. For more specific information, see The Fundamentals of Adding Clips to a Sequence.

To add the title clip to your sequence
  1. In your sequence in the Timeline, set your destination track.

    If you place the title clip on a track that’s above another track, the lower clip appears as the background to the title.

  2. Set the sequence or clip In and Out points.

  3. Click the Video tab in the Viewer, then drag the title clip from the Viewer to the Canvas or Timeline.

    Figure. Viewer and Canvas windows showing a title clip being dragged to the Edit Overlay.