Transport Controls in the Canvas

Transport (or playback) controls let you play sequences in the Canvas, as well as move the playhead in the Timeline. These controls play clips and sequences at 100 percent (or 1x) speed. There are keyboard shortcuts for each control.

Figure. Transport controls in the Canvas window.

Note: Similar controls also appear in the Viewer, Log and Capture, and Edit to Tape windows.

  • Play (Space bar): Plays your sequence from the current location of the playhead. Clicking it again stops playback.
  • Play In to Out (Shift-Vertical Bar): Moves the playhead to the current In point of a sequence and plays forward from that point to the Out point.
  • Play Around Current Frame (Backslash): Plays the selected sequence “around” the current playhead position. When you click this button, playback begins before the playhead position based on the value in the Preview Pre-roll field in the Editing tab of the User Preferences window. Playback continues through the original position of the playhead, and then continues for the amount of time specified in the Preview Post-roll field. When you stop playback, the playhead jumps back to its original position. For more information, see Choosing Settings and Preferences.
  • Go to Previous Edit (Up Arrow) and Go to Next Edit (Down Arrow): These controls are primarily used for quickly navigating from one edit point to the next in the Canvas. The Go to Previous Edit and Go to Next Edit buttons move the playhead to the previous and next edit points in the sequence, relative to the current playhead position. If you have In and Out points set in your sequence, the Go to Previous Edit and Go to Next Edit buttons navigate to these points as well.