The Final Cut Pro Color Correction Filters

There are a number of filters you can use to adjust the blacks, whites, and color balance of your clips:

All the Final Cut Pro color correction filters are located in the Color Correction bin, within the Video Filters bin in the Effects tab of the Browser. They can be applied the same way as any other filter. For more information, see Using Video Filters.

The two main color correction filters in Final Cut Pro that you’ll use to perform primary color correction are the Color Corrector filter and the Color Corrector 3-way filter. Each has different requirements for real-time processing; the one you use will probably depend on the video hardware you have installed.

Once applied, color correction filters appear in the Filters tab of a clip that’s opened in the Viewer, along with any other filters you may have added. One color correction tab appears in the Viewer for each color correction filter you apply. Additional tabs are numbered sequentially depending on their arrangement in the Filters tab.

Figure. Filters tab showing multiple color correction tabs.

As with all other filters, clicking the disclosure triangle next to a filter’s name reveals a list of controls that allow you to make various adjustments. Unlike most other filters, the Color Corrector and Color Corrector 3-way filters have two sets of controls—numeric and visual.

To use the visual controls
  • In the Filters tab, click the Visual button next to the Color Corrector filter.

    Figure. Filters tab showing Color Corrector options and the Visual button.
To use the standard numeric controls
Do one of the following:
  • In the Color Corrector tab, click the Numeric button.

  • Click the Filters tab.

For more information about adding, adjusting, and removing filters, see Using Video Filters.

Using a Trackball with the Color Corrector Filters

Additional keyboard shortcuts are available to make it easy to use a trackball to adjust the color balance controls in the Color Corrector and Color Corrector 3-way filters. These keyboard shortcuts work only while the mouse button (or trackball button) is pressed, and are designed to work with the drag lock button of your trackball.

Tip: When you press the drag lock button of your trackball, the trackball button remains pressed and continuous adjustments can be made to the color balance controls.

To work with the color balance controls while the drag lock mode of your trackball is enabled, press Tab to move from one color balance control to the next.

If your trackball has multiple programmable buttons, you can map three other keyboard shortcuts to them to go directly to specific color balance controls.

  • Option-Control-8: Selects the Blacks control.
  • Option-Control-9: Selects the Mids control.
  • Option-Control-0: Selects the Whites control.