Using a Third-Party Video Effects Accelerator Card

Instead of using RT Extreme, you may want to use a supported third-party video effects accelerator card. A video effects accelerator card is a video interface card that supports real-time effects processing and can take the place of the built-in RT Extreme effects architecture of Final Cut Pro.

All codecs capable of real-time effects playback appear in the Effect Handling tab of the System Settings window. The Effect Handling tab allows you to choose whether Final Cut Pro uses RT Extreme or a supported video effects accelerator card for processing real-time effects. For example, you could choose to have RT Extreme handle media using the Photo JPEG codec while using a video effects accelerator card to handle DV NTSC footage.

To choose software or hardware real-time effects processing for clips using a particular codec
  1. Choose Final Cut Pro > System Settings, then click the Effect Handling tab.

    Figure. System Settings window showing the Effect Handling tab options.

    Note: The codecs you see may differ from those shown here.

  2. In the pop-up menu corresponding to the codec you want to adjust, choose an effect handling method:

    • None: Choosing None turns off real-time effect handling for the selected codec.
    • Final Cut Pro: This option uses RT Extreme, the built-in real-time processing engine of Final Cut Pro.
    • Other: If a video effects accelerator card is installed that is capable of real-time effects processing for a particular codec, it appears in this pop-up menu. Choose this option to have the video effects accelerator card handle real-time effects processing for a particular codec.