About Item-Level Render Status Bars

An audio clip item in the Timeline may display an individual render bar within the clip item itself; this indicates that the audio clip requires resampling, or sample rate conversion, to match the current sequence audio settings. A green render bar indicates that an audio clip item is being resampled in real time, and a blue-gray render bar indicates that an audio clip item has been individually rendered so that real-time audio resampling is no longer necessary. Once an individual audio clip item is rendered, the clip item refers to the render file instead of the original media file.

Figure. Timeline window showing a blue-gray render bar that indicates an audio item has been rendered and a green render bar that indicates that an audio item requires a sample rate conversion.

The color of the render bar in each audio clip item indicates whether that item needs sample rate conversion. An audio clip item’s real-time playback status is not indicated.

Bar color
Indicates audio items that require sample rate conversion.
Indicates audio items that have been individually rendered.

There are two advantages to item-level (audio clip item) rendering: