When Final Cut Pro Reconnects Your Clips

In certain circumstances, Final Cut Pro checks to make sure all of the media files that correspond to clips in your project have not been modified, and that none of the media files are missing. Final Cut Pro checks for offline clips in the following situations:

About the Offline Files Dialog

The Offline Files dialog appears each time you open a project whose clips’ media files have been modified in any way. This dialog may also appear when you switch to another application and then return to Final Cut Pro. If any media files are modified, moved, or deleted during this time, you see the Offline Files dialog.

Figure. Offline Files dialog.

The Offline Files dialog shows a summary of how many media files are missing, and what kind they are.

  • Forget Files: When you select one or more types of media in this list, Final Cut Pro removes (or “forgets”) the file path in each clip’s Source property. Once the Source property is empty, Final Cut Pro no longer warns you that these clips are offline.
    • Media Files: Select this checkbox to clear the Source property of each offline clip. You can always reconnect your clips to media files later.
    • Render Files: Select this checkbox to tell Final Cut Pro to forget all missing render files in your sequences. If you do not select this option, Final Cut Pro continues to warn you that sequence render files are missing each time you open the project.
  • Reconnect: Click this button to open the Reconnect dialog. This allows you to reconnect the clips to their media files. For more information, see Using the Reconnect Files Dialog.
  • Continue: Click this button to leave all specified clips offline. The file paths in the Source properties of all clips selected in the Forget Files list are cleared. Any unselected clips and render files continue to be considered “missing,” and Final Cut Pro warns you that these clips’ media files cannot be found each time you open the project.

Clip Properties Replaced by Media File Settings

When you reconnect a clip to a media file, the following clip properties are replaced by the settings in the media file:

  • Anamorphic

  • Pixel Aspect

  • Field Dominance

However, if you manually update any of these clip properties before reconnecting, Final Cut Pro retains your custom settings and does not update those properties via the reconnected media file.