What Can You Do with the Media Manager?

The Media Manager can duplicate an existing project, or individual items in the project, as well as the corresponding media files, or portions of those media files. Final Cut Pro treats media files and clips independently, so some Media Manager options determine how clips are modified, duplicated, or reconnected, while other options determine how media files are processed. Most of the tasks you do in the Media Manager could be performed manually, but it could be very time-consuming. It’s much more efficient to let the Media Manager do this work for you.

You can use the Media Manager for the following media management tasks:

Getting Started with the Media Manager

The Media Manager has a lot of options, which makes it both powerful and complex. If you are new to media management in Final Cut Pro, you may find it easier to learn by trying out the examples in Examples of How to Use the Media Manager.

When learning how to manage your media in Final Cut Pro, it’s also important to understand the distinctions between master and affiliate clips, media files, subclips, and so on. For more information, see Elements of a Final Cut Pro Project.