Example: Duplicating a Sequence and Its Corresponding Media Files

In this example, a sequence is copied to a new project, along with its corresponding media files. The new sequence clips refer to the new media files, while the original sequence still refers to the original media files.

For example, you may have captured an hour’s worth of media from tape, but used only 45 minutes of it in the sequence. You can duplicate the sequence and create copies of the media files referenced by the sequence, but without the unused 15 minutes of footage.

To duplicate a sequence and its corresponding media files
  1. In the Browser, select the sequence you want to duplicate.

  2. In the Media Manager, choose the following options, then click OK.

    Figure. Media Manager showing "Copy" chosen from the "media referenced by duplicated items" pop-up menu, the "Delete unused media from duplicated items" checkbox selected, and the "Duplicate selected items and place into a new project" checkbox selected.