Example: Recompressing Media Files for Editing on a Portable Computer

If you need to fit a lot of media files on a relatively small hard disk, such as a portable computer hard disk, you can recompress all your media files. This is the phase of the offline/online workflow when you create the low-resolution, offline-quality media files for rough editing.

This example uses the OfflineRT sequence preset, which uses the Photo JPEG codec.

Note: The Recompress option may fail with clips using codecs that rely upon temporal compression, such as Sorenson and Cinepak. To recompress files in these codecs, you may want to use the Batch Export feature instead.

To recompress media files for an entire project for editing on a portable computer
  1. In the Browser, select all items in the project.

    Figure. Browser window showing all the clips in a project selected.
  2. In the Media Manager, choose the following options, then click OK.

    Figure. Media Manager showing "Recompress" chosen from the "media referenced by duplicated items" pop-up menu, the "Include master clips outside selection" checkbox selected, the "Delete unused media from duplicated items" checkbox deselected, the "Duplicate selected items and place into a new project" checkbox selected, and the "Include nonactive multiclip angles" checkbox selected.