Example: Consolidating Media Files into One Folder

Sometimes the media files for a project are stored in several folders on one or more scratch disks. This happens if you selected a different scratch disk each time you captured media files, or when the name of the project file changes (this often happens when you save often to different filenames). The Media Manager makes it easy for you to consolidate all the media files for a project into one folder, without making any clips go offline.

To move all of the media files associated with one project to a single folder
  1. If you want to save your media files to a new folder on your hard disk, create that folder in the Finder.

  2. In the Browser, select all items in the project.

    Figure. Browser window showing all the clips in a project selected.
  3. Make sure the Browser window is active. In the Media Manager, choose the following options, then click OK.

    Figure. Media Manager showing "Move" chosen from the "media referenced by selected items" pop-up menu, the "Delete unused media from selected items" checkbox deselected, and the "Duplicate selected items and place into a new project" checkbox deselected.

    Files moved by the Media Manager are placed in a folder named after the project name, which is placed in a folder called Media. The clips in your project are reconnected to the media files in their new location.

    Note: You could achieve the same results by moving files into a single folder in the Finder, but then you would have to reconnect all of your clips to their media files manually. Using the Media Manager makes this process more efficient, because all of your clips are reconnected automatically after the media files are moved.