Importing XML into Final Cut Pro

You can generate Final Cut Pro XML files with your own applications and then import them into Final Cut Pro. When you import XML into Final Cut Pro, clips, bins, and sequences are automatically generated within Final Cut Pro. You can import your clips into a currently open project or into a new project.

To import an XML file into Final Cut Pro
  1. In Final Cut Pro, choose File > Import > XML.

  2. Navigate to the XML file on your hard disk, then click Choose.

  3. In the Import XML dialog, select the options and settings appropriate to your XML file.

    The XML import options are described in detail in the Final Cut Pro XML developer documentation. For more information, visit the Apple Applications page at the Apple Developer Connection website at

  4. Click OK.

    The Importing XML Data progress bar appears as Final Cut Pro processes the XML and generates clips, bins, or sequences from the XML file.