Synchronizing Clips with the Cinema Tools Database

When you import a telecine log file into your Final Cut Pro project, a new Cinema Tools database is created with a record for each clip. You can also add new records to an existing database manually. In either case, once you have captured and processed clips in Final Cut Pro, you can connect them to a Cinema Tools database using the Synchronize with Cinema Tools command.

You can use the Synchronize with Cinema Tools command to do the following:

To synchronize Final Cut Pro clips with a Cinema Tools database
  1. Select the clips in the Final Cut Pro Browser that you want to synchronize with a Cinema Tools database.

    You can select clips that are already connected to the database and need their information updated or clips that are not yet connected to the database.

  2. Choose Tools > Synchronize with Cinema Tools.

    A dialog appears allowing you to configure the synchronization process.

    Figure. Synchronize with Cinema Tools dialog.

    The Database field shows the currently selected database.

  3. Select the “Add new records” checkbox if you want the database to automatically have new records added for selected clips that are not already in the database.

    This checkbox must be selected when you are synchronizing with a new database.

  4. Select the “Auto connect” checkbox if you want the database to automatically connect the clips to any new records that are created in the database.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • If the database shown in the Database field is the correct one, click OK. The Database field updates if you use the New Database or Choose Database button.

    • Click New Database to create a new Cinema Tools database. This opens a new dialog where you can enter a name and location for the database, as well as configure its default settings. See the Cinema Tools User Manual for information on these settings. Click Save when finished.

      Figure. Synchronize with Cinema Tools dialog that appears when the New Database button is clicked in the first dialog.
    • Click Choose Database to choose an existing database. This opens a dialog where you can select an existing database to synchronize with. Click Open when finished.

  6. If you used either the New Database or Choose Database button, click OK.

    Cinema Tools first checks the database for existing records without connected clips and attempts to match the records with clip names (based on scene and take entries). If matches are found, Cinema Tools connects the clips to the matching records. If no matching records are found, new records are added to the database for each clip, with any applicable information added to each record.