Color Recording Method

The color recording method of a video format may be either RGB, Y′CBCR (component), Y/C (S-Video), or composite. The more discrete channels a format has, the higher the quality of the image, but the more data required to store and transmit that information.

Color recording method
Video formats
1", 3/4" U-matic, 1/2", VHS, D-2, D-3
Y/C (S-Video)
Hi-8, S-VHS
Y′CBCR (component)
Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, DVD, DV, D-1, D-5
Computer graphics and digital cinema acquisition. Although video originates in and is displayed in this format, it is rare for tape formats (Y′CBCR is used instead).

Today, almost all digital video formats are Y′CBCR (component). Computers typically store image data using RGB, although many Y′CBCR (component) formats can now be processed natively on the computer (such as DV).